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Psycho Burst Training System

Psycho-Burst Hard Core Bodybuilding Training Program

The latest bodybuilding training discovery...

"Massively Muscled Mr. Universe Reveals His Breakthrough Bodybuilding Secrets For Building Maximum Muscle Mass... In Minimum Time!"

Are you ready to totally transform your physique...
in a matter of weeks instead of years?

Standing 5'9" tall, Mr. Universe winner, Rob Colacino competes at a massive 240 pounds while displaying freaky muscular definition almost unheard of in competitive circles.

Rob achieved this condition with one of the most extraordinary, result-producing training programs I've ever seen! He does a minimal amount of work in the gym, yet has still built massive amounts of muscle mass in no time at all!

I know this sounds hard to believe but with Rob's new training system, most of the time you'll only be doing...

One Single Repetition Per Set!

But, no, it's not H.I.T., Heavy Duty "one set to failure" training or any of those numerous variations.

It's called the Psycho-Burst Training System and has been featured in IronMan Magazine, Peak Training Journal and endorsed by respected bodybuilding authors and coaches .

The Psycho-Burst Training System is unlike any other bodybuilding training program. Rob has meticulously refined and tested his bodybuilding secrets over the past 10 years. His cutting-edge system guarantees...

You Will Stimulate The Maximum Amount Of Muscle
Growth Possible From Every Single Workout.


Here's just a few of the jealously guarded secrets Rob reveals in the Psycho-Burst Training System...

  • Discover Rob's secret techniques to build the maximum amount of muscle mass in the minimum amount of time. You've never seen these in any other bodybuilding program!

  • Learn the special system to most effectively train for rapid muscle mass increases...while keeping your time in the gym very brief!

  • How to thoroughly stimulate maximum growth of a muscle group by performing only one rep per set!

  • How to produce the exact stimulus needed for muscular mass increases every training session and avoid over-training... and under-training!

  • The Psycho-Burst nutrition secrets to achieve rapid gains in muscular mass. They're highly effective but simple to follow.

  • Two complete Psycho-Burst routines, completely described and demonstrated with no detail left out. Proven to pack powerful slabs of beef on your entire frame as quickly as genetically possible.

  • The one mistake 90% of bodybuilders make every single training session that robs you of 99% of your potential muscular gains. If you don't know this, you'll never even come close to having the physique you want!

  • The very best exercises for maximum muscle mass and strength. You've probably been wasting your time and energy on exercises that will never give you the kind of gains you want... and didn't even know it!

  • How to avoid over-training so you keep growing and progressing.

  • What you should be eating every day to maximize results from your off-season training. Not knowing this information will have you running around in circles never making any significant gains or transformations in your physique!

  • How to keep progressing in your workouts and avoid staleness and plateaus.

  • Rob's cutting edge body part specialization system that can rapidly boost growth in lagging body parts.

  • Underground training techniques that totally and completely cause maximum muscular growth... with workouts lasting only 30 minutes or less!

The Psycho-Burst Training System DVD. Rob demonstrates all the exercises and his secret technique for getting maximum muscle stimulation from his special 1 rep per exercise system.

Now I gotta tell you...this is no slick Hollywood, watered down, faked training production. This is a down and dirty "guerilla video" of Rob going through real training sessions using his real training weights! This is hard-core training info... definitely not for the weak or wanna-be bodybuilder.

It's entirely narrated by Rob, coaching and instructing you while you're able to see exactly how to perform the exercises.

In this cutting edge new video, Rob is at his gargantuan off-season bodyweight of around 300 lbs...unbelievable! You'll also see some footage of Rob in his best ever contest condition. Highly instructional and motivational, too!

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