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Mike Mentzer Review

Mike Mentzer review, does the Mike Mentzer training program really work?

There are many big names in the world of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzegger movie star and former Governor of California is one of these names that has been embedded in the back of all of our skulls. However there is one trainer that even Arnold "The Terminator" can't touch, a man named Mike Mentzer. Yes, I am saying that people have made better and faster bodybuilding progress following Mike Mentzer's training program then those that followed Arnold's training program.

Now the reason Mike is so different from all these other trainers is the fact that instead of spending hours in the gym doing set after set to get pumped, he recommends doing only a few sets as hard as you can and then getting out of the gym in 30 minutes or less. He called this workout the High Intensity workout, and he lived his life according to its rules and regulations, winning the Mr. America and Mr. Universe contests in the process.

The workout itself consists of heavy weights but also using very slow controlled reps, making the process one of the more painful exercises but also one of the safest and productive at the same time. He often would state that a big part of his highly successful workout is the days off, meaning the days you take off from working out. According to Mike you stimulate growth in the gym by working hard, but then you give the body time to grow before hitting in again.

Some might call Mike Mentzer a visionary, he definitely wasn't following the crowd. Over the years the Mike Mentzer training program has gotten great results, and he has sold thousands of copies of his books proving more people are starting to become believers of the Mentzer method of bodybuilding.

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