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Hardgainer Workout

Genetically Average Joe Workout

hardgainer workout

Hardgainer Workout, Gain 25 Pounds of Muscle in 10 Weeks with the Hardgainer Bodybuilding Genetically Average Joe Workout.

The "How A Genetically Average Joe Can Gain 25 Pounds Of Muscle In 10 Weeks" DVD contains:

A proven training program that has been successful for over fifty years. (This routine has been a closely guarded secret by those in-the-know since the early 40's and it works just as well today!)

How to use a special, totally legal dietary supplement I call "White Magic", available in any grocery store, to pack on slabs of muscle.

A special exercise, when done as instructed, supercharges your entire body, and stimulates massive increases in size and strength.

The exact training and diet routine that helped one Genetically Average Joe gain over 100 pounds of muscle in a very short period of time!!! (This is a documented fact!)

...and much more!

Every hard training bodybuilder who is not making the kind of gains he desires needs this valuable knowledge. This system has literally transformed hundreds of Genetically Average Joes into huge, strong bodybuilders, so why continue to be average? Hundreds of average guys like yourself are taking advantage of this carefully guarded information every week and transforming their flat, skinny bodies into powerful, heavily-muscled, attention-getting why don't you be the first at your gym to get a hold of these time-tested truths of muscle-building and finally start making the kind of gains you've been dreaming about?!!

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