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Hardgainer Workout Reviews

Does Hardgainer Training Work?

"I very recently bought your Hardgainer Workout DVD gain 25lbs muscle mass in 8 weeks. I watched all your advice and tips. When I started, I was 168lbs at 6ft 2inches....a bean poll! Now, in 3 - 4 months, I've gained 32lbs and I'm now 200lbs muscle mass at 6ft 2inches.....a nice fill!


"I was looking at the old boys of the golden era, draper, etc, and it was really an accident finding your site. I read and read, and the old flame was blazing again when I finished your site, ordered the gain 25 lbs in 8 weeks, and I was amazed, simply tickled about the info on the bogus supplements and how to gain without crippling my wallet, and I've gained 28lbs in under THREE WEEKS! No, I'm not fat, I'm thick, and feel so strong! the Hardgainer Workout was as you said, oh my god! It's tough, but so effective. thanks so much to you.


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